CHALET INFORMATION FILE – winter and summer season 2024


For our catered and self-catered guests



  • We are here to ensure that your skiing or cycling holiday goes as smoothly as possible. If you have fun and a great time - then please tell others. If not, then please tell us and we will do everything to address the situation. To that end, this section is designed to enhance the enjoyment of your holiday, by both clarifying what you can expect and making a few requests of you concerning the smooth running of the ski and cycling chalet

  • Please feel free to ask further questions as they arise to ensure that you have an informative, trouble-free and enjoyable week.





  • For our catered guest’s early morning tea or coffee is available for self-help in the lounge. Tea and coffee is also avaiable at other times. just help yourself. fresh and non dairy milk is located in the under-counter fridge

FOOD AND BEVERAGES – breakfast and dinner times



  • Breakfast is usually served from 8.15am to 9.00am
  • Afternoon tea, consisting of homemade cake, fresh breads, conserves and a selection of hot beverages will be laid out on the dining room counter for you to help yourself to when you return from the ski slopes or cycling.
  • Dinner will normally be at 7.30pm
  • Wine will be provided courtesy of La Source during dinner until the pudding course
  • Tea and coffee are available after meals





  • There is a log-burning stove, which will be laid and or light by us – or please light the fire yourself. Please ensure the stove doors remain closed during the evening. Parents with small children should be particularly aware of the ferocity and heat from the stove.

  • for our self-catering guests there is a pile of logs and kindling wood around the side of the house. The stove is efficient and can become very hot – so please take care and keep the temperature under control. As the flue goes up through the walls - the room by the front door can get warm

  • We would also appreciate it if the last person retiring for the night turns off all the lights, and ensures that all fire doors in the chalet are closed. The lounge steps safety lighting strip can remain on




  • Entry to the chalet is by an entry keypad at the front door. The code ....  is written on the reverse of Michael’s business card placed in your room – therefore, please always keep the card with you – or take a photo. The busines card also has the chalet phone numbers and address in case of emergency.

  • We would recommend that this card is placed in the pocket of your children’s ski jacket – so in case of emergency they can refer to the card and show this to a ski lift attendant who can make contact with us

  • There is also a front door key in the key box located next to the front door. To access this key the code is identical to the front door code with an A substituted with a 0 . if there is a power cut - then the key in the box is the only method of access into the chalet



  • There is a safe in all bedroom’s rooms for your use – some with key access and others via codes. We ask that you look after the keys, as lost keys will need to be replaced.

  • To activate the key code: press the red button located at the back of the inside door. The yellow light will now be on. Insert a code from 3 to 8 numbers and then press B. a bleep and the yellow light will go off to indicate the confirmation of the code.

  • To open: enter your code, press B and turn the knob

  • If you are unsure, then ask Michael - who is the only person with the master code!!



  • Soft soled Indoor footwear only allowed in the chalet please – please no ski boots or outdoor footwear as the chalet has wooden floors throughout! Place outdoor footwear in the shelving or bins provided. The boot room is excellent for drying ski boots and outdoor clothing, as the heating remains on 24 hours a day. Please do not dry clothing over the bedroom radiators. Use the storage shelving provided in the boot room for all small personal items that you require daily for skiing - gloves, ski passes, hats etc.

  • The boot room dryer is programmed to dry ski boots during the evening, and will warm the boots in the morning prior to skiing

  • Finally, on the rare occasions when your clothing is soaking wet, you can use the laundry room on the ground floor as an additional drying area





  • Heating in the bedrooms and living areas is on 24 hours daily – It is programmed to reduce the temperature in the bedrooms to maximum of 16 degree during the night. We have found that the control dial set between 2.5 and 3 provides a comfortable temperature. However, feel free to adjust according to your comfort.

  • There are fleece covers for the beds in your room if required for additional comfort

  • Please remember that at altitude the atmosphere is very dry, and you are advised to drink plenty of liquid (water!). La Source bathroom tap water is safe for drinking and there are plastic glasses available in your room.



  • Should you require an extra pillow please ask Michael




  • There are hair dryers in guest rooms



 BOOKS and TV - UK TV, French TV, DVD’s and Video


  • There is an extensive book collection in the chalet and you are welcome to either browse or read these books during your stay.

  • Please feel free to watch videos, listen to CD’s from the library, or play from the selection of games. There is an I pod connection to the music centre in the main lounge

  • We have satellite TV with the facility to obtain some UK terrestrial channels – BBC channels, Radio etc, and also watch French terrestrial TV

  • A quick guide for TV, Video and DVD channels:

  1. UK satellite. From the top left button on the SONY handset select HDM1 and then use the freesat Huimax handset to select program
  2. French TV channels. . From the top left button on the SONY handset select TV and also ensure that the button DIGITAL is selected on the SONY handset
  3. DVD. From the top left button on the SONY handset select AVI
  4. Video. From the top left button on the SONY handset select TV and also ensure that the button ANALOG on the SONY handset 





    • Fibre is now connected throughout the chalet and provides a very good connection. As the fibre box is located in the entrance lobby, the bedroom level has a very good connection, and this drops slightly in the lounge area


    • Method - Scan for wireless networks and find:
    • WIFI: La Source
    • Password: lasource2016




    • We encourage recycling at La Source in cooperation with the commune. We recycle as much as possible: bottles, plastics, cans, food cartons, cardboard and batteries. All compostable food waste goes into compost bins

    • The recycling bins are located by the parking area – tri-selective (re-cyclable bottles, cartons, small packaging), verre (bottles) and general rubbish and composting bins

    •  Please help us and our environment by assisting wherever possible. Please - minimize the use of plastic water bottles – the drinking water at La Source is direct from the mountain and at its best!

    •  Self catering guests: please ensure that at the end of your stay all rubbish is removed from site into the bins.



    • Chalet La Source is a non-smoking chalet including vaping. For smokers you are advised to smoke outside by the front door, or on the decking (during the evenings the outside shutters are closed to conserve heat in the house
    • Please be considerate of your fellow guests – and especially with mixed chalet groups when you are requested to smoke well away from the chalet


    SKI STORAGE – Winter season

    • I have rented a 5 person ski locker ( ski's and boot storage) located adjacent to the ski pass office and underground parking. Please let me know if this interests you for the week

    • To also help with the overnight storage of skis, the La Source trailer – parked in the parking lot is available for the storage of skis. If you decide to leave your skis in the trailer, the key pad with the key is on the rear right side of the trailer. Access code is .... (same as the front door with the front door A changed to a 0) please ensure the trailer is locked at all times

    • Equipment is left at your risk. We cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage to the equipment left in the trailer




    • Please make yourself familiar with all the fire exits and your nearest extinguisher. In case of emergency or power cuts the security lighting will guide you to safety

    • For your safety smoke detectors are located in all of the bedrooms and corridors and many are interlinked – meaning that if one is activated, then others throughout the house will also be activated. There are also some heat and CO2 detectors in strategic locations. It’s for your safety. We ask that you refrain from disconnecting these safety devices and let Michael know if you think a battery needs replacing. All fire doors must be closed at night.




    • The village shop near the tourist office is well stocked - food, local specialties, additional postcards, stamps, phone cards and souvenirs. Hours - 0730 to 1900, 7 days a week.




    • Please make yourself familiar with the lift closure times around the resort. The times are indicated on the piste map located in your bedroom and also in the entrance lobby. You need to be aware that the last chair lift leaving Alpe d’Huez for Signal and Villard Reculas departs at 1640 hours (1655 hours from 10 February 2024) unfortunately; if you fail to catch the last lift from Alpe d’Huez you will be responsible for your own return transport – taxi, or walking from Alpe d’Huez to Villard Reculas!

    • On a few occasions each season high winds cause the closure of the lift systems throughout the resort. If you are delayed due to the closure of the lift system, please report to the lift operators, SATA who have a responsibility to ‘get you home’. They will not be sympathetic if you have missed the last lift due to your poor time keeping, the odd mechanical delay, or other reasons outside their control

    • Villarais chair lift – to and from Villard Reculas to Signal Hill This 4-man chair lift accommodated skiers, snow-boarders and pedestrians in both directions. Therefore, if any of your party is tired, or does not fancy the ski home, or the conditions are not perfect, then it is perfectly permissible to descend on the lift as a skier/boarder/walker

    • Pedestrians can descend and return to Alpe d’Huez on the Signal telemix lift located at the top of Signal hill. Last return from Alpe d’Huez to Signal Hill is 1640 (1655 from 10 February) However to be safe to connect with the chair descending to Villard Reculas it is advisable to leave Alpe d’Huez by 1620 (1635 from 10 February)




    We would appreciate that at the end of your stay a few simple tasks will help us prepare for our next arrivals:



    • Ensure that the dishwasher is empty – if you have breakfast items to wash then please use a quick wash (30 minutes) and then empty
    • All rubbish from Kitchen, lounge and bedrooms - general rubbish, bottles, plastics and cardboard to the recycling points in the village
    • Please take all un-used food items with you – or discuss with Michael if you would rather not bin!!
    • Please strip beds: top pillow case, bottom sheet and duvet cover and leave on the bed unfolded – thanks. If possible the duvet cover stripped inside out
    • Please finally check that nothing has been left in cupboards, bedroom drawers etc.





    An outside sauna cabin is located next to the laundry room. Its available to all our guests from between 1600 to 1730. After it is switched on there is an automatic cut off after 3 hours. Maximum temperature is set at 90c


    With the energy crisis currently very news-worthy and the sauna a large consumer of electricity – I would like to recommend using the sauna during afternoon low energy schedules – 1530 to 1730. I would also like to recommend utilising for a maximum of 1.5 hour daily. Chat amongst yourselves to work out a suitable schedule – Many thanks and much appreciated   


    • Saunas produce a dry heat with a temperature of between 85°C –100°C, with a low level of humidity. Scented water is available to douse the hot stones if increased humidity is required. However please check with other users first
    • The sauna environment is a shared facility, and therefore please dress with others in mind – bathing clothing as a minimum please. No nude bathing please – we are British don’t you know!!
    • The general principle is to create a bathing experience, which promotes sweating, thereby cleansing the skin and promoting a feeling of relaxation and well-being.
    • Saunas by their nature produce an extreme heat, so it is essential that you immediately leave the sauna cabin if you feel giddy or weak. A period of rest/relaxation after using the is essential


     Please consider the following:


    • Remove contact lenses, jewellery before use etc
    • Consume plenty of liquid before, during and after taking a sauna
    • Shower before and after a sauna
    • A towel is compulsory in the sauna to avoid body contact with the timbers and help with overall hygiene
    • Shaving in the sauna is prohibited!! Yes, it does happen!!
    • No children below 8 years old and children over 8 years to be supervised at all times to ensure they do not overheat!


    Persons who are advised not to use the sauna


    • Pregnant persons
    • Persons suffering from heart problems, diabetes, high/low blood pressure
    • Persons suffering from skin diseases, sores, warts, wounds etc
    • Persons using certain drugs
    • Persons who have consumed a heavy meal/alcohol within 1.5 hours.  


     RESTAURANTS and eating out possibilities:


    There are a number of options for eating out during the day and in the evening


    1. Le Bijou. Bistrot Gourmand. Located in the old village. A very small intimate stone house offering local products including a daily plat du Jour. Entrée 9e, plat du jour 18e and dessert 8e. Afternoon tea from 1600h. booking essential. Tel: Caroline 0033 (0) 631132620


    1. Casa Sauvage. Located half way towards the pistes on the main road. De savoureuses pizzas. A vey welcoming artisanale pizzeria with a small restaurant or outside decking during the day. Take away or home delivery. Prices 13.50e to 20.00e. desserts and extensive wine offering. Telephone Paul 0033 (0) 476795435


    1. Comptoir du Villard. The village shop which has undergone improvements and changes during the last few years, has a very small indoor eating area offering a daily plat du jour and desserts. Primarily a take away service located within the village grocery shop. A popular café and bar frequented by visitors and locals. Stock up with cold meats, cheeses, breads, wines, and eat in within the comforts of La Source chalet and around the roaring fire!!




    We hope that the information contained in this information pack is useful and informative, and will assist you in making full use of La Source, Villard Reculas and Alpe d’Huez. We wish you a relaxing and enjoyable stay at La Source – and please don’t keep us a secret – tell others!




    Michael Baldwin

    La Source

    2 chemin des tournants, 38114 Villard Reculas